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Efficiency pressures are intensifying and the regulatory landscape is becoming increasingly complex to navigate. 

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Scalable depositary operations and oversight solution

Depowise is a multi-jurisdictional Depositary Operations and Compliance solution to streamline operations and better enable regulatory compliance across your enterprise. Depowise helps to reduce operational risks and costs, increase automation and stay ahead of the trend. Offering unparalleled oversight and operational efficiency, and ensuring best of breed data quality. 

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Depowise gets you out of clumsy and confusing Excel-based solutions that are hard to audit and maintain.


Setting up new funds or expanding to new markets is easy and effortless, it takes no more than a few clicks.

AIFMD Depositary products

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Cashflow Monitoring

The significant cash-flow monitoring module allows the user to specify fund-based significant cash-flow limits that are checked for daily cash transactions. In addition, Depowise will notify the user on the dashboard when a cash transaction is above the specified limit or has failed for counterparty risk.

Common reasons for cash transactions can be predefined and used to close transactions that do not require further investigation. It will increase the time you can spend on your other tasks.

Supports the following fund-based configurations:

  • Significant cash-flow limit
  • Enabling and disabling checking for every single cash account
  • White- and blocklisting counterparty accounts

Depowise reports give an overview of checked transactions and show the results of any measures taken.

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Powerful yet easy to use technology

State of the art rules engine to verify compliance of portfolio investments with the investment principles set in the regulation and fund prospectus. Build, configure and schedule investment rules. 

Integrate current exposure and market data to deliver compliance at all stages of an investment life cycle, including hypothetical testing, pre-trade, post-trade, and ongoing portfolio monitoring across all portfolios in real-time. Dashboard to notify and monitor all your ongoing compliance matters. Complete audit trail of everything you do on the platform.

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Safekeep investor's assets

Safekeeping fund assets is complicated and includes high degree of risk if you don’t have a register for investment records, assets and liabilities. The “look-through” measures introduced with AIMFD require depositary banks to maintain information of assets owned by the SPVs and CISs.

Depowise asset register is designed to help depositary banks keep records of investments together with documentation and the entire history of changes. Our asset register supports the ownership hierarchy and enables you to visualize the structure of the assets held by the fund. In addition, Depowise AIFMD compliance and oversight reporting software supports keeping information about different types of assets and lets you define the various types of information required.

  • Keep records of assets and liabilities with a secure audit trail.
  • Define and maintain asset-specific information.
  • Define relations between different assets.
  • Visualize fund assets and relationships between the assets.
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Investor oversight

Knowing the list of investors committed to the Fund is crucial for AIFMD depositary oversight responsibilities. Depowise investors register keeps track of the owners of the Fund, their commitments and drawn funds. Upload initial investors register using Excel or add their bank account information manually. Building Fund specific workflows with different checks and decision points for capital call and distribution, together with a reconciliation of cash transactions, will save you time in operation and provide you with a secure audit log for compliance.

Depowise investor oversight solutions:

  • Maintaining day to day register of investors data together with their commitments and bank account data
  • Flexible workflow engine to build processes like capital calls, distribution and dividend payments
  • Automated cash reconciliations
  • Reduce the risk of money laundering
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Workflow engine

A built-in workflow engine supports building dynamic processes and configuring every action on the way. Streamline workflows and allow all the stakeholders to work together, ensuring key decision-makers are aligned.
The steps may include collecting documents, reviewing transactions, performing manual activities and many more. Every action taken in the workflow will leave behind evidence in the audit trail.

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Reporting engine

A highly flexible and easy to use reporting engine that sits on top of Depowise allows you to build, design, and automate reports for internal and external stakeholders with different output formats. Access pre-built templates and create your own custom reports without the need of external help. 

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Trust but verify

Whether you are asset manager or depositary bank relying fully on primary NAV calculation , you need to be able to verify the accuracy of NAV as ultimately responsibility lies with you. Pricing errors, fund admin outages, and independence issues can leave companies vulnerable to costly fines and cause reputational damage.

Full NAV Reconciliation

Depowise Full NAV Reconciliation engine provides companies with an independent tool to verify administrator’s results and, in case of a contingency, strike publishable backup NAV with 99,9% accuracy.

Automatic Reconciliations

Asset manager’s back office can verify Investment Book of Record (IBOR) they receive from administrators against the official data from custodians, banks and market data providers. Similarly, depositary bank can independently verify the calculation. The reconciliation of assets, cash balances, instrument prices, and FX rates can be executed in an efficient manner. Our solution is capable of automatically matching ~99,9% of the data, leaving only a handful of items for you to review. Adopting Depowise Full NAV Reconciliaton, you will be able to verify administrator work, identify problems early and fix discrepancies in due course.

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Depowise Splits NAV Reconciliation into following components

  • Holdings reconciliation – holding-by-holding comparison of the positions for different parties involed. If a pending transactions report is available from the Custodian, the Custody Holding report can be adjusted to include pending transactions for reconciliation purposes.
  • Price reconciliation – comparison of the valuation information with official market data, users are able to pre-set the limit of discrepancy for prices being approved automatically, only material differences will be checked by the user.
    • Price difference should not be more than the defined percentage (e.g price is within y% of market price)
    • price has to be between low and high of the day
  • Cash reconciliation – Depowise compares cash balances of various accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Reconciliation of pending trades – Depowise supports reconciliation of payable and receivable accounts with transactions report, reconciliation of dividends with securities basic data and reconciliation of other payable/receivable amounts included in NAV; if needed, data from alternative source(s) could be added manually.
  • FX reconciliation – FX reconciliation is similar to the price reconciliation functionality with the ability to set discrepancy limits in order to focus only on significant differences between data from various data sources.
  • Fees reconciliation – automatic management fee reconciliation will be done using fund management fee rate and total assets under management provided by FMC; performance fee must be checked manually and the system will keep track of the manual check results executed by the user.
  • Reconciliation of other assets and liabilities – information about other assets and liabilities is compared with data from custody or registrar, which could be entered into the system manually if needed.
  • Unit price reconciliation – unit price reconciliation allows to verify unit price calculation, using reconciled total NAV of fund and shares outstanding from TA

AIFMD Depositary Supporting Modules

Why choose depowise?

Independence and scalibility

Depowise is built on an extendable platform that helps you scale your business easily whilst providing much-needed independence from counterparties

Central data warehouse

Be in charge of your data strategy. A central data warehouse that stores all your business-critical data, giving your enterprise full control and confidence through both quiet and volatile times. 

Reduced operational risk

Depowise automates oversight processes that reduce your risk and increase operational efficiency

Flexible reporting engine

Highly flexible reporting engine allows you to build, design and automate reports both for internal and external stakeholders with various output formats. 

Central data warehouse

Storing all your business-critical data safely, in the cloud or on-premises. Standardizing brains of your business makes you independent from other partners’ systems.

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