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Converting regulatory burdens into operational improvements

When outsourcing work (and that happens a lot), Fund Management Companies (FMCs) are still required to keep all information about operations, financial instruments, and duties. The purpose is to properly fulfil oversight obligations – as formulated in international Directives and internal rules. But the need is generated by the fact that, ultimately, the responsibility for all these actions lies on…
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Significant cash flow monitoring

As in every industry or economic sector subject to digitalization, less streamlined and standardized real-life tasks are also the hardest to automate. These become a pain point particularly when, at the same time, regulatory frameworks bind operators to put increasingly more attention exactly on such processes. This is the case with the latest UCITS and AIFM Directives on the matter…
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Investment limits monitoring

One of the challenges of compliance in the investment industry is certainly given by rules and regulations. Of course, they are necessary, particularly at the institutional level, among other things to order and set the bases for legitimacy and boundaries of investment actions in a given economic space. However, despite the general regulatory umbrella these might provide, there are also…
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Increase efficiency and business value with automated NAV reconciliation process

In the large majority of occupations across all economic sectors, not all tasks are the same. Not only these do not carry homogenous value in terms of productivity, but they also mobilise people’s own skills to very, very different extents. The investment and banking industry, in this sense, absolutely makes no exception. In our recent blog series (1, 2, 3),…
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Why do you need your own data warehouse?

Great is a disorder under the heavens, also in the finance and investment ecosystem. The variables contributing to the ever-so-high fragmentation of this business sector are many, but outsourcing is definitely among the main ones. And after all, why would you not hop on the train and save some running costs? As a Fund Management Company (FMC) or a depositary…
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What is Depowise all about?

Depowise is a product developed by Net Group – new generation software development and consultancy company headquartered in Estonia. Net Group has almost 20 years of experience helping the financial industry with various IT solutions and it’s goal is to boost efficiency through excellent software solutions. What is Depowise? Depowise is a smart end-to-end RegTech software platform for the investment industry. Our goal…
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