Fund Compliance Management and Reporting Software for Asset Managers and Fund Administrators

Depowise improves corporate governance and accelerates the implementation of regulatory changes

Fund oversight and reporting tool

Depowise is a collection of modules built for assets managers, administrators, and management companies. Regulatory adjustments happen all the time, demanding constant attention and dedicated resources for monitoring changes. Depowise takes that burden off your shoulders and helps keep your operation fast, accurate, and flexible.

Developed by fund industry experts in close cooperation with clients, Depowise gets you out of clumsy and confusing Excel-based solutions that are hard to audit and maintain.

With Depowise, setting up new funds or expanding to new markets is easy and effortless, it takes no more than a few clicks. Let us take care of the bureaucratic hassle so you can focus on your core business!

Why Choose Depowise?

  • Independence and scalability – Depowise is built on an extendable platform that helps you scale your business easily whilst providing much-needed independence from counterparties
  • We offer a central data warehouse that stores all your business-critical data safely, in the cloud or on-premises. Standardizing the heart and brain of your business makes you independent from other partners’ systems.
  • Reduce risk – Depowise automates oversight processes that reduce your risk and increase operational efficiency
  • Flexible reporting engine for internal and external reporting with multiple output formats (XLS, PDF, XML, and others)
  • Secure and easy, workflow-based management of oversight processes allow You to design and organize work in repeatable

Main Depowise Features for Fund Industry

Automated NAV Reconciliation

Depowise’s automated NAV reconciliation system standardizes the familiar process, improving match rates, and giving back valuable business insights. We split the process into various manageable subtasks (e.g. reconciliation of different NAV components). Our granular approach to NAV reconciliation allows Depowise to easily integrate outliers into the automated matching logic thus constantly improving Your operational efficiency over time.

Net Asset Value (NAV) Reconciliation Tool for Funds

Depowise has the flexibility to set different tolerance levels dependent on asset type for each fund that will be used in the reconciliation process.

Investment Limit Monitoring Software for Funds

Investment Limit monitoring

Staying compliant with investment policies is a complicated and resource-consuming process without proper tools. Continually changing regulatory requirements combined with restrictions coming from investors or fund prospectus’ are hard to comply with using manual Excel-based solutions.

Depowise’s investment limit monitoring provides a configuring engine to design rules that verify portfolio compliance. There are various configuration options available (e.g. thresholds, approved instrument categories, holding limits, counterparty risk, exposure limits). Depowise can check investment restriction compliance in the background every time something changes in Your portfolio. Our system will highlight and prioritize potential and actual breaches.

Configurable Workflow Engine

Depowise’s workflow engine documents each task completed, providing you with a detailed and secure audit trail of all actions. We support setting up custom workflow processes based on your operational needs.

The Depowise dashboard will give you a quick and comprehensive overview of all the activities underway.

Fully Configurable Workflow Engine for Funds and Depositary Banks

Customised Fund Reporting

Depowise’s customizable reports get you insights that help you accelerate your business and meet all internal and external reporting requirements.

Our reporting tool helps enhance existing operational activities by highlighting inefficiencies and potential compliance threats in advance.

Full Ownership of Data

With Depowise, you’ll have full control over all your critical data, granting your business continuity and peace of mind. Having full control over your data with Depowise increases independence by allowing you to effortlessly switch partners and providers.

Depowise takes care of the data standardizing and structuring from all internal and external sources, allowing easier reporting to KIID providers, data aggregators, financial authorities, etc.

Our standardized data hub is the backbone of our whole setup, supporting efficient and constantly improving NAV reconciliation calculations, tracking and enforcing compliance and custom operating rules, configuring elaborate operational procedures, and much more.

Central Data Hub for Funds and Depositary Banks
billions managed through Depowise daily
7 years
of continuous product development in cooperation with the industry’s strongest players
15 seconds
for automated reconciliation – yes, it’s true, we have tested it!

Investment Compliance Monitoring Software Trusted by Professionals

Depowise functionality for investment limit checks has helped us to offer a smooth and automated service to our clients while keeping flexibility and personality whenever needed. It is always a pleasure to work with Netgroup professional team.



Head of Fund Services at Major Scandinavian Bank

East Capital is a multi-national financial asset management company with ever increasing demands on availability of accurate financial data and business intelligence, as such we greatly value the knowledge and long-standing commitment to quality that the people of Depowise bring to their clients.

Lars Sönnerlid

Lars Sönnerlid

Chief Information Officer at East Capital

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