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A modern OMS

Finding a fitting OMS solution that covers the necessary features can be an grueling task. Depowise covers basic fuctionalities like order creation, processing, and enrichement but also supplements them with real-time invesmtent limit monitoring, detailed analytics, full audit trail of all activities, custom workflows, etc.

Order Manager

Our Order Manager module supports placing orders with different options:

  • quantity
  • prorata
  • target % of AUM
  • % of the current position

Depowise’s order creation tool supports multiple workflows to facilitate Your operational needs. Orders can be created based on the expected portfolio structure (e.g. by applying model portfolio) or as standalone entries for one or multiple portfolios.

Depowise can be integrated with the trading systems of your brokers to facilitate automatic order placement and trade information exchange to boost operational efficiency. The architecture of our system enables us to add new integrations in a very efficient manner even if they were not established during the implementation project. 

Real-time Portfolio

Depowise tracks all internal and external changes that affect your portfolio – orders, trades, latest market data available, cash position changes from subscriptions and redemptions, etc. This enables us to provide you with a clear real-time overview of your portfolio structure, compliance with investment restrictions, and liquidity. 

Investment Limit Monitoring Software for Funds

Investment Limit Monitoring

Depowise’s Investment Limit Monitoring tool continuously checks trade and portfolio compliance with investment restrictions. With Depowise, your front office will gain autonomy from the middle office by automating compliance and operational rule checks and providing an overview through our intuitive interface. Depowise executes controls as soon as new information is available – order added or amended, trade information received, updated price of the instrument received, etc. Our solution guarantees that you know of all active and passive breaches in your portfolios throughout the day.

Post-trade Processing

Depowise automates also all your post-trade processing activities. Trade details are automatically sent to your administrators, back office systems and to custodians. Depowise supports/uses SWIFT messages. We also provide tools for trade matching and trade enrichment.

Reporting and Statistics

Operational level reporting and statistics are a crucial part of optimizing front and middle office work. Depowise provides a complete overview of your trading and operating patterns, costs related to trading. Ultimately, this will improve your decision-making and ability to create value to your investors.

Model Portfolio

In case your portfolio management and trading teams are executing their investment strategy via model portfolios, we have the perfect tool for you. You will be able to upload/define your investment strategy as model portfolio and Depowise will help traders rebalance fund portfolios to meet the model. Investment limit checks can also be applied to model portfolios.

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