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The new UCITS V Directive focuses on issues relating to the depositary function, manager remuneration, and administrative sanctions. This means more focus on:

  • New responsibilities regarding cash flow monitoring
  • Keeping investor assets safe
  • Being compliant with new stricter rules imposed by UCITS V Directive

Read more about how Depowise UCITS V compliance and reporting software helps you navigate UCITS V regulations.

Main Depowise features for UCITS V depositaries

Significant Cash-Flow Monitoring

The Depowise significant cash-flow monitoring module allows the user to specify fund-based significant cash-flow limits that are checked for daily cash transactions. Depowise UCITS V compliance and reporting software will notify the user on the dashboard when a cash-transaction is above the specified limit or has failed for counterparty risk.

Common reasons for cash transactions can be predefined and used to close transactions that do not require any further investigation. This will increase the time you can spend on your other tasks.

Significant Cash-Flow Monitoring Module for UCITS V and AIFMD Depositary Banks
Net Asset Value (NAV) Reconciliation Tool for UCITS V Depositary Banks

Depowise has the flexibility to set different tolerance levels dependent on asset type for each fund that will be used in the reconciliation process.

Full NAV Reconciliation Tool

The Depowise Net Asset Value (NAV) reconciliation tool enables users to save time by splitting NAV reconciliation into various subtasks (e.g. reconciliation of different NAV components).

With the help of the state-of-the-art, configurable filter solution, users are able to focus on major discrepancies and hide components that are fully matched and/or fall within pre-set limits. Our solution enables simultaneous operations by multiple users at the same time. In cases of more complex reconciliation tasks, it is possible to add information in the form of Excel calculations or documents.

Investment Limit Check Module

The Depowise Investment Limit Check module provides a configurable rules engine to verify compliance of portfolio investments with the investment principles set in regulations and in the prospectus of the fund.

All checks are performed based on the FMC holding report. Transactions not included in the NAV are not taken into account without additional data flow being established.

Investment Limit Monitoring Software for UCITS V Depositary Banks
Fund Daily Dashboard for UCITS V and AIFMD Depositary Banks

Fund Daily Dashboard

The Fund Daily Dashboard brings all necessary data into one view allowing the users to focus only on the most urgent and important matters. Depending on the role of the user, the dashboard provides the status of a single fund or an overall total funds view.

Securities Master

The Depowise securities master tool is responsible for up-to-date securities information. Securities master gathers securities information from multiple sources with the option to prioritize information and add manual overrides as global or fund-based exceptions. Securities master configuration enables the depositary to optimize data requests and hence save money on fees applied by Bloomberg, Reuters or other data sources.

Securities Master Tool for UCITS V Depositary Banks
Transfer Agent Reconciliation Tool for UCITS V Depositary Banks

Transfer Agent Reconciliation

Transfer agent (TA) reconciliation automates the daily matching of TA transactions with cash transactions booked on the bank accounts. TA reconciliation engine executes automatic matching of transactions, users will only be required to combine unmatched transactions with an easy-to-use matching tool. Reports containing information about matched and unmatched transactions are generated and can be shared with fund managers.

Workflow engine

Depowise UCITS V compliance software has a built-in workflow engine that supports dynamic processes and an audit trail of actions taken. Depowise supports linking data with activities performed (cash transactions, TA transactions) for auditing purposes.

Fully Configurable Workflow Engine for UCITS V Depositary Banks

Central Data-Hub and ETL Layer

The Central Data Hub together with the ETL layer are the technical core of Depowise. ETL layer is responsible for exchanging data with external counterparties, uploading data into Staging tier of Data-Hub and transformation of data into common standardized structure i.e. Data-Hub Production tier.

Only validated data is provisioned into Production tier of Data-Hub for the use of other modules of the solution. Staging tier is a base for initial technical and business validation of the data and provides full log on data exchange between Data source and Depositary.

UCITS V Compliance Software Trusted by Professionals

Integrations and functionality offered by Depowise have helped us to take the quality of the oversight process to the next level. As Depowise automates data capture and data processing as well as basic controls it enables the control function to focus on areas that actually require attention making the whole oversight process quicker, more efficient and more relevant for us as depositary and also for the client that we supervise.



Head of Depositary Oversight at Major Scandinavian Bank

East Capital is a multi-national financial asset management company with ever increasing demands on availability of accurate financial data and business intelligence, as such we greatly value the knowledge and long-standing commitment to quality that the people of Depowise bring to their clients.

Lars Sönnerlid

Lars Sönnerlid

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