Investment Oversight and Compliance Monitoring Software

Scaling your business and coping with the legislative burden has never been easier. Depowise will improve corporate governance and accelerate the implementation of regulatory changes by automating investment compliance and oversight tasks.

Asset Managers

With Depowise fund operations and compliance software, NAV oversight is effortless using our full NAV reconciliation engine. In addition, our automated systems help you scale your business from Front to Back-office securely and ultimately contributes to your BCP.

Depositary Banks

Depowise is a one-stop solution providing a solid foundation for depositaries to perform cash flow monitoring, safekeeping of assets and continuous oversight of UCITS and AIFMD funds. Moreover, it’s simple, automated and effortless. So say goodbye to tedious bureaucratic hassle.

Depowise is a modular end-to-end investment compliance software platform that supports, standardises and automates the full range of daily operations performed by asset managers, fund administrators and depositary banks.

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Tackle tightening compliance regulations

Compliance burden for the fund industry and depositary banks is constantly getting heavier. Depowise makes investment compliance automated and hassle-free.

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Forget clumsy Excel-based solutions

Depowise gets you out from clumsy Excel-based solutions that are hard to audit. Our investment compliance software makes risk mitigation, scalability, flexibility, and operational efficiency easy.

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Welcome step-by-step evidential logs

Our end-to-end configurable business functionality and standardised data warehouse provide you with auditor-required step-by-step evidential logs as well as full control over daily activities.

Have full control over your data

Our central data warehouse stores all your business-critical data safely, in the cloud or on-premises. Standardising the heart and brain of your business improves your investment compliance and extends flexibility.

Key Features of Depowise


A central data warehouse stores all your business-critical data, giving you full control over it today and for future decisions


Transparent overview of tasks and workflow makes it easier to be in control of your business


Flexible reporting engine for internal and external reporting with multiple output formats (XLS, PDF, XML, and others)


Completely automated reconciliation engine for all NAV components


Fully configurable rules engine with pre- and post-trade checking will make sure you never breach investment restrictions again.


Depowise will improve your operational efficiency built on automatisation together with a secure audit trail of all activities taken.

Investment Compliance Monitoring Software Trusted by Professionals

East Capital is a multi-national financial asset management company with ever increasing demands on availability of accurate financial data and business intelligence, as such we greatly value the knowledge and long-standing commitment to quality that the people of Depowise bring to their clients.

Lars Sönnerlid

Lars Sönnerlid

Chief Information Officer at East Capital

Depowise functionality for investment limit checks has helped us to offer a smooth and automated service to our clients while keeping flexibility and personality whenever needed. It is always a pleasure to work with Depowise professional team.



Head of Fund Services at Major Scandinavian Bank

Integrations and functionality offered by Depowise have helped us to take the quality of the oversight process to the next level. As Depowise automates data capture and data processing as well as basic controls it enables the control function to focus on areas that actually require attention making the whole oversight process quicker, more efficient and more relevant for us as depositary and also for the client that we supervise.



Head of Depositary Oversight at Major Scandinavian Bank

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