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Stop Excel-ing!
Leave oversight to tech

Depowise’s AI-powered solutions automate oversight and transaction monitoring and digitalise safekeeping. We solve all the key problems that stop financial institutions from scaling.

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Three problems,
one solution

You landed on our site looking for the answer to one problem, but what if we could solve them all?

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Reputation is everything in the financial industry, and even a small mistake can cost you more than a hefty regulatory fine.

Depowise Oversight automates compliance, reconciling 99.9% of holdings, prices, cash balances, fees, pending trades, financial exchange (FX) rates, transfer agency monitoring and investor compliance.

It even prepares quarterly reviews, freeing your team up to add real value by digging into that 0.1% of data that needs human interpretation and context.


What could you achieve with extra three days a week?

On average, our customers reduce their hours spent on safekeeping by 65%. From collecting documents and proof of ownership to verification reconciliation, our AI-powered solution ensures investors’ records are complete and include a history of changes.

Depowise’s automation comes with full visibility – you’ll never be more than a click away from a complete overview of assets and relations, making it easy to stay on top of your portfolio.

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Cash Monitoring

Still struggling with missing transactions, forecasting and reporting?

Do no more. Depowise Cash Flow Monitoring makes transaction validation and rejection fast and flawless.

Our solution gives you a complete automated overview of cash flows while removing daily headaches – from reconciliation to bank account monitoring and unusual transaction detection; we’ve got you covered.

Sounds great!Why wait?

Depowise solutions are ready-to-go and easy to implement.



Depowise provides an automated solution with multiple matching modules, so you can start with one solution or go all in from day one with oversight, safekeeping and cash monitoring.


Fast time to value

No need to develop. Plug in and start using Depowise to automate and scale your business.

Experts on hand

You are not alone. The Depowise team is here to help, we know the financial industry and have a solid track record of implementing solutions fast.

This isn’t rocket science

We’ll have you up and running in three simple steps:

1. Mapping and contracting

Every journey starts with a destination, and automation is no different. We’ll work with you to understand your company’s existing processes and systems, and how best to integrate Depowise to augment them.

Once you’re confident we understand your staff, your data and your needs, we will formalise our partnership and implementation can begin.

2. Implementing

Depowise’s modular architecture is universal – our solutions are flexible and adapt to your company’s needs and sector-specific regulations without losing any speed of implementation.

This allows us to be up and running 2x faster than the market average or 3x faster than solutions built in-house.

3. Aftercare

Your journey doesn’t end with implementation – a dedicated account manager will be on hand to answer any questions, ensure all systems work faultlessly and that you’re up to speed on new releases and system updates.

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We’re not the only ones raving about us


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