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What if you could change your air-conditioned office to an airy beach, put on Virtual Reality glasses and solve all the oversight tasks from a deck chair by just waving your hands? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Sorry, we are still not so far with our solution, but compared with the current Excel-based standard solutions of the industry, Depowise’s Oversight makes a huge step towards automation.

As an additional product to the must-have Depowise Platform, which collects and systemises all the needed data in your company, our Oversight feature helps you stop Excel-ing and leave oversight to tech. Just to clarify – there is nothing bad in Excel – in its time, it was a powerful tool. But as asset servicing data volumes and sources have wildly increased, so have the needs for advanced technology. Backed with years of experience in the financial services industry, as well as software and product development, Depowise has built the Oversight feature that meets the asset servicing industry’s needs, regulations, and processes.

Depowise Oversight includes 8 related modules to give you full transparency and regulatory compliance:

With Depowise Oversight, it takes just a second to automatically detect discrepancies, errors, or omissions. Imagine the efficiency difference here when 90+ of your cases are automatically checked and solved every day, and the only thing that captures your attention is a few problematic cases where you have to find the reason for the deviation and solve it. Whether these oversight activities are related to the Net Asset Value (NAV) or investor oversight, investment compliance or transfer agency monitoring – our Oversight feature can manage them all.

Additionally, this product has built-in extras such as Due Diligence Platform, Quarterly Review, and Irregularities Management to provide extra safety to our customers. In just a few clicks, accurate risk scores for all your customers have been calculated, quarterly reviews created and delivered to the parties, and all the suspicious activities or incidents identified and addressed.

Our Workflow Managemet Tool is an essential component of the business process management (BPM) toolkit. It enables companies to create rules that effectively design intricate processes. By streamlining workflows, this tool promotes collaboration among stakeholders and ensures synchronisation among key decision-makers. The workflow encompasses a range of steps, such as document collection, transaction review, manual activities, and more. Additionally, an audit trail maintains a detailed record of all actions performed within the workflow.

It’s time to step into a new reality of automation and let Depowise Oversight make an impact on your company’s efficiency!

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