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When it comes to ensuring regulatory compliance in the financial services industry, there is no doubt that Management Companies play a crucial role here. Be it a bank, investment fund, institutional investor, asset management firm, or insurance company, they all can rely on the expertise of Management Companies to gain access to a wider array of investment opportunities. From regulatory compliance to trade execution, the UCITS’ ManCos and the AIFMs have a huge burden to bear. However, there is a way to make this burden easier to wear with the right technology adapted.

Based on extensive experience in the financial services industry, as well as software and product development, Depowise has developed a game-changing tech solution for Management Companies and AIFMs.

The Management Companies Solution by Depowise elevates oversight, ensures safekeeping and accelerates trade execution. This groundbreaking solution doesn’t do less than sets a new industry standard for ManCos. Trusted by 17 global customers, Depowise solutions are used to take care of €750+ billion in serviced assets.

So, better fasten your seat belt to be ready to enter the age of automation with Depowise and unlock the hidden power of ManCos to drive their efficiency higher than ever before!

The Oversight feature of the solution is backed with a rich pool of smart functionalities and modules such as Full NAV Reconciliation & OversightInvestment Compliance Monitoring, Due Diligence Platform, Workflow Management Tool, Transfer Agency Monitoring, and Investor Oversight. Furthermore, it allows you automatically generate Quarterly Reviews and take care of the exceptions via our Irregularities Management module.

Depowise’s Safekeeping is a super tool to keep all the assets you serve safe and compliant. It tracks assets, ensures that they are always accounted for and secure, and complies with any rules or regulations.

The Customer Relations feature includes a centralised communication platform between you and your customer, keeping all the documents and emailing in one spot, allowing you to improve customer satisfaction and streamline your workflow.

The Trading feature is based on the Order Management System that serves as the central system for investment operations, where trader orders are easily initiated, managed and passed an automatic compliance check to reduce the likelihood of errors and delays. Moreover, linked to Depowise’s portfolio management tool, it provides a comprehensive overview of the state of your portfolio.

All the smartness described above relies on the Depowise Platform. This must-have product makes all the magic happen through integration with all the other software and data sources used by the Fund Administrators. The Depowise Platform contains the Data Warehouse, a corner-stone module of Depowise that takes care of data collecting and integration to facilitate business decision-making. In addition, the Depowise Platform includes the Secure Audit Trail module giving you full control over your data, the Securities Master module storing all your securities data, and the Fund Register module allowing you to keep track of all the funds your company has ever serviced. Our customisable Dashboard gives you access to the data you need in a clear and easy-to-understand graphical format. Moreover, it holds a highly adaptable Reporting module to accelerate analysis, simplify decision-making and keep all your business partners and customers on the same page with relevant reports that are easy to generate, export to various formats and deliver where needed.

As Depowise’s Management Companies’ Solution provides a lot of potential to improve ManCos and AIFMs work, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and explore how this technology can precisely meet your company’s needs.

In terms of implementation, the process will be the simplest one in the market. Our modular architecture is universal and flexible to adapt to your company’s needs and sector-specific regulations while maintaining the speed of implementation. This allows us to be up and running 2x faster than the market average or 3x faster than solutions built in-house.

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