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Order Management System

A system for taking care of your orders

Depowise Order Management System

The Order Management System serves as the central nervous system for investment operations, where trader orders are initiated and managed. Depowise offers a highly customizable and adaptable Order Management System module that can meet not only your current needs but also your future requirements by optimising your operational processes.

The Order Management System is the key module of the Depowise’s Trading feature, providing you with a user-friendly platform to seamlessly handle every aspect of the trade life cycle. This comprehensive system enables you to effortlessly conduct pre-trade, intra-trade, and post-trade compliance checks while effectively managing your portfolio holdings. By facilitating smooth coordination between the front, middle, and back offices, it ensures streamlined operations for your trading activities.

Managing orders can be a chaotic and error-prone process, as it requires coordinating with multiple parties and monitoring transactions in real-time. Our Order Management System module streamlines this process by automating compliance checking, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays. It provides a centralised view of all orders and their status, enabling you to easily monitor and manage orders and check for compliance with rules related to them.

Our rules engine plays a crucial role in the context of order management. It can help automate the process of applying rules and conditions to orders, ensuring that they comply with various regulations and policies. The engine can be programmed to check orders for various criteria, such as order size, security type, market conditions, and client account restrictions, among others. Both, intra-day and pre-trade rules can be set if needed.

The module provides the additional capability of checking compliance in case of fund fees, which is crucial to ensure that the fees charged by the fund manager are fair and transparent. As investment funds charge various types of fees, such as management fees, performance fees, and other expenses, these are typically deducted from the returns generated by the fund. Compliance checks, using the Order Management System module, help you ensure that these fees are compliant, in line with industry standards and are not excessive.

The Order Management System module is a powerful tool for those looking to improve their order management capabilities and meet regulatory requirements more effectively.

Leverage Depowise’s industry expertise and say goodbye to building solutions from scratch. As our modules – think of them as fitting pieces of a puzzle – are already brimming with the best practices accumulated over the years, so you can quickly get going.

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