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Have you ever tried surfing? If yes, then you know this salty fun to be pushed by the wilderness of nature. And the calmness that follows focusing on balance. Metaphorically speaking, cash flow monitoring is a constant surfing to find the balance in a wilderness of data. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Depowise’s Cash Flow Monitoring tool is built to catch the wave of automation.

As we know the finance industry and finance IT inside out, we have built a solution that makes cash flow monitoring more automated and easier to manage. Our Cash Flow Monitoring tool is used by 17 banks and depositaries to monitor 10M+ transactions annually.

The Cash Flow Monitoring tool allows asset servicing companies effectively monitor cash flows, ensuring accurate tracking, reporting, and analysis of cash flow activities. It tracks cash inflows and outflows, monitors transactions and bank accounts, and provides visibility into cash positions. Our no-code rule engine allows you to build compliance rules to detect anomalies and suspicious transactions and reduce the time spent on false positives.

Depowise makes cash flow monitoring effective by offering a customizable ruleset that allows you to effortlessly incorporate additional special rules alongside regulatory standards. This enables the identification of discrepancies or exceptions with ease. With Depowise, you can verify cash movements and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards related to cash flow monitoring in a streamlined manner.

Cash Flow Monitoring is just one of the tools, designed precisely for Depositaries. From Oversight to Safekeeping, there is much more to discover to catch the wave of automation and increase your effectiveness and profitability.

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