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Cash Flow Monitoring

Having a watchful eye on cashflows

Depowise Cash Flow Monitoring

The Cash Flow Monitoring tool by Depowise allows depositaries effectively monitor cash flows on behalf of their clients, ensuring accurate tracking, reporting, and analysis of cash flow activities. It tracks cash inflows and outflows, monitors transactions and bank accounts, and provides real-time visibility into cash positions. In addition, our no-code rule engine allows you to build compliance rules to detect anomalies and suspicious transactions and reduce the time spent on false positives.

Cash flow monitoring starts with collecting cash transaction information from the banks. Depowise has a wide range of capabilities to process different bank feeds. Our library includes out-of-the-box adapters for MT940, MT942, Camt53, Excel, CSV, and PDF. Depowise supports data delivery over various channels like SFTP, e-mail, API, and file share.

The Cash Monitoring tool is powered by Depowise no-code rule engine allowing you to build rules on all the data received from the bank – transaction amounts, counterparties, details, transaction types, etc. Moreover, our Cash Flow Monitoring integrates with Depowise Oversight and Safekeeping functionalities like Asset Register and Investor Oversight, enabling seamless integration, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced manual work and errors.

Depowise’s industry expertise means you can skip the ground-up development and tap into our products, which are packed with best practices accumulated from years of experience in the financial sector. The puzzle pieces, called modules, fit into each other perfectly and allow your business to save time, money and be more efficient.

In addition to Cash Flow Monitoring, as a Depositary company, you may need other automated functionalities by Depowise. We’ve got you covered with our tailor-made solutions that match your profile, making your decision-making and operating a breeze.  Explore our Depositaries Solution.

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