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Asset Register

Keeping your assets safe and compliant

Depowise Asset Register

Streamline secure asset oversight with the Asset Register module by Depowise! Specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Directive on Alternative Fund Managers (AIFMD), this module ensures efficient ownership verification and record-keeping for non-financial assets held by alternative investment funds (AIFs).

Effortless verification

The Asset Register module simplifies the verification of diverse asset types across different jurisdictions. From real estate to commodities and privately held companies, it offers tailored evidence options to ensure accurate ownership verification for each asset class.

Streamlined safekeeping

Complying with AIFMD regulations, the Asset Register module prioritises the secure safekeeping of other assets held by AIFs. Whether non-financial assets, cash deposits, or investments in privately held companies, we provide robust storage and protection solutions.

Seamless information exchange

The Asset Register module facilitates seamless information exchange between depositaries, AIFs, and AIFMs. It ensures timely communication and data sharing, enabling efficient ownership verification procedures.

Efficient record-keeping

This module allows to maintain comprehensive and up-to-date records of non-financial assets. Register verified assets, capture essential details, and provide instant access to inventory information whenever required.

Streamlining delegation and monitoring

Choose to maintain records independently or rely on trusted administrators. The Asset Register module ensures compliance with regulations and simplifies the monitoring of AIFMs’ procedures.

Enhanced escalation procedures and liability management

Our module includes efficient escalation procedures for addressing ownership anomalies. Promptly notify relevant parties, ensuring transparency and proactive resolution. Liability is limited to cases of negligence or intentional failure to fulfil obligations.

Take control of your AIF’s asset oversight with the Depowise Asset Register module. Simplify ownership verification, ensure regulatory compliance, and efficiently manage your non-financial assets. Experience secure and compliant asset oversight today.

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