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Depowise HQ joins Tallinn’s Skyline


Estonian-founded FinTech company Depowise is settling its headquarters in the new Arter quarter in Tallinn, Estonia, at the beginning of next year.

The Arter quarter, located in the city centre of Tallinn, features towers of 28, 15, and 9 stories, connected by a central building and a parking structure. Depowise will be situated on the 11th floor of the tower next to Swedbank’s 28-story building.

The new 441 square meter office space is designed to support the growth of the startup for the next 3-4 years. In addition to its HQ in Tallinn, Depowise has offices in Luxembourg’s LHoFT and London’s Level39 innovation centers.

Safeguards €800 billion

Founded in 2021, Depowise currently serves 7% of the world’s systemically important banks (G-SIBs). Through the Depowise application, 0.2% of global wealth, valued at over €800 billion, is managed.

Depowise is committed to protecting investors’ assets by accelerating processes through automation. Operating in the highly regulated sectors of banking, asset management, and servicing, Depowise ensures that no transaction occurs without comprehensive, multi-level scrutiny. Its asset management automation solution enhances efficiency across all stages of asset processing, from cash flow monitoring to reporting. Depowise all-in-one solution meets market demands and impacts its customers’ efficiency growth by 82%.

“Our software protects investors’ assets and improves stability in the financial sector in general,” explains Sven Peekmann, co-founder and co-CEO of Depowise. „We provide technology that ensures regulatory compliance and operational resilience across the entire asset management and servicing industry.“

“In just a couple of years, Depowise has made a tremendous leap in conquering the European asset servicing and management solutions market – the company’s customer portfolio includes the world’s leading banks and financial institutions,” notes Erkki Raasuke, a leading figure in finance and innovation in Estonia and an early investor of Depowise.

Driven by a need to serve new and existing customers, Depowise undertakes extensive recruitment in Estonia and target markets, necessitating larger office space.

Reinventing Startup Lifestyle

“The startup lifestyle is not just about the initial garage enthusiasm or the easy-going life after a successful exit. It encompasses years of unwavering commitment from the entire team to bring innovation to life globally,” states Artur Reiter, co-founder and co-CEO.

“As a successful startup, we have the opportunity to express our care more strongly, to maintain our team, and to fuel that infinite commitment to innovation,” Reiter explains. “A vivid entrepreneurial vibe and an innovative environment are our primary office requirements. The Arter quarter, with its symbiosis of old and new business and ample service layers, meets this expectation excellently. It’s the right place to build our community, where care is not just a label but where people can genuinely invest in their health and well-being – whether in the swimming pool, gym, health clinic, beauty salon, or co-working area. The panoramic sea view is, of course, a pleasant bonus,” Reiter adds.

Business Hub in the Sky

“It’s cool that our skyscrapers are becoming the meeting place for both long-established market leaders and future innovators who are introducing cutting-edge technologies to the world,” remarks Allan Remmelkoor, Project Director at Kapitel. “They all prioritise their employees, and here at Arter, we can provide a comfortable and well-functioning modern work environment.”

Over 96% of the Arter quarter, set to be completed this fall, has already been leased. Along with Depowise, tenants will include Swedbank, law firms, and many other companies. This summer, international accommodation company Bob W. will open a 58-apartment hotel in the district’s 9-story building. In total, the quarter will offer 450 parking spaces, including Estonia’s largest indoor bicycle parking facility, which can accommodate over 100 bikes. Driven by a green way of thinking, the area will also feature an urban park, and the region’s traffic safety will be enhanced with the renovation and construction of adjacent streets.

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