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Depowise shortlisted as Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of The Year

Depowise’s innovative offerings and commitment to excellence have led to its shortlisting for one of the most notable accolades for the Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of The Year.


Estonian-founded FinTech and RegTech Depowise has emerged as a frontrunner for the Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of The Year award, primarily due to its cutting-edge regulatory compliance tools. In an era of ever-evolving regulatory requirements, Depowise has developed a solution that enables financial institutions to navigate and comply with these regulations efficiently.

Depowise platform automates regulatory reporting, ensures data accuracy, and streamlines compliance processes, thus reducing costs, mitigating risks, and increasing operational efficiency. What sets Depowise apart is its no-code solution that seamlessly integrates founder competencies in both the asset servicing industry and IT solutions, offering a ready-to-go, easy-to-implement solution for the industry. Depowise’s product portfolio consists of an array of features, including Oversight (investment compliance and full NAV reconciliation), Safekeeping, Cash Flow Monitoring, Customer Relations, Trading, and Depowise Platform – a super tool that makes all other products smart and functional.

The company’s capacity to challenge conventional models and provide innovative solutions is garnering admiration and recognition from industry experts, evidenced by award nominations and contract agreements. With 750 billion euros in serviced assets, 1,000 funds served, and 17 asset servicing companies in Europe and the UK relying on Depowise just in the first 2 years, Depowise is taking the asset servicing industry by storm.


The Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of The Year Award

Depowise is one of the six shortlisted companies applying to the regulatory solution award along with AccessFintech, Broadridge, Fenergo, TRAction Fintech, and Qomply.

The Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of the Year award is a prestigious industry accolade presented to a company or solution that has demonstrated exceptional excellence and innovation in asset servicing, specifically in regulatory compliance. This award recognises a solution that effectively addresses the increasingly complex and evolving regulatory requirements within the financial services and asset servicing sector.

The award recipient is a company or product that has developed cutting-edge tools or technologies to help financial institutions and asset servicing providers navigate and comply with regulatory standards and reporting requirements more efficiently and effectively. This recognition highlights the solution’s significant impact on reducing compliance costs, mitigating risks, and improving operational efficiency in the asset servicing industry.

In 2022, The Asset Servicing Regulatory Solution of The Year award was won by S&P Global.

The Asset Servicing Times Industry Excellence Awards winners will be announced on November 9, 2023, in London.

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