Investment Data Warehouse - Heart of The Business

The finance and investment world is getting increasingly complex and fragmented by the day. Such evolution is triggered predominantly by the plurality of actors supplying services in the value chain. In parallel, outsourcing is favouring the emergence of this multi-provider ecosystem.

For this reason, Fund Management Companies (FMCs) and depositary banks alike are called on keeping their data backyard tidy, at reach, and operative at all times.

The Data Warehouse is a core component of Depowise and enables these key players of the investment industry to own, track, and easily access their data whenever necessary – and for whatever reason. From the ease of oversight to business continuity, the Data Warehouse is the gateway to all Depowise’s main functionalities and the solution to recurring issues that dramatically hamper higher efficiency.

An efficiency boost and the backbone of all Depowise features

In its most essential configuration, the Data Warehouse is what makes Depowise move. NAV reconciliation, limit checks, the asset register, as well as the various dashboards, are all functionalities built on top of it.

What does this mean? That owning a data hub has become a fundamental feature in running efficiently your operations as an FMC or a depositary bank. The efficiency boost provided by this component is striking also for the possibilities it opens. As the backbone of Depowise, we provide our customers with a Data Hub as the key to unlock all these further opportunities.

Data ownership to ensure business continuity at all times

Yes, you might send an inquiry to your business partner and ask for the latest data dump. But how does that compare with always owning your own Data Hub, always at reach and full disposal?

By adopting Depowise, the built-in Data Warehouse gives you full ownership of all your activities. It also shelters FMCs and depositaries from the risk of business stoppages due to partners’ default, and smooths the process of shifting from a contracting company to another.

Ease of oversight improves accountability and legitimacy

FMCs and depositaries may outsource most of their tasks to external partners, but one thing remains sure – they bear the ultimate legal responsibility for the actions undertaken. Even when economic penalties are in place, your own accountability and reputation must be protected.

By standardizing all data received, the process of oversight and verification of completed activities becomes easy and simple. In addition, whether for internal reporting or outside auditing, the archive of statutory data lies always in your own hands.

Scalable and future-proof – the basis of your next plans

The Data Warehouse has scalability potential in its nature – no matter the volume of your business or data, or whether you are running quantum analytics. Either as a core or backup element, Depowise’s Data Hub has got you covered.

This matters to the possibility of future innovations as well. With all data already standardized and in your possession, it is straightforward to implement new analytic strategies, applications, or even Artificial Intelligence-based tools. Preparing for the future means keeping everything in order today.

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