Fund Dashboards & BI

Visualizing complex data must be intuitive, quick, and simple. Daily management tasks in the investment industry take up most of the operational resources.

Our Fund Dashboard brings all of the necessary data into one view. Facilitating and streamlining oversight and monitoring duties allows users to focus exclusively on what matters – performance, numbers, activity.

By helping managers, administrators, and auditors navigate relevant information more simply and promptly, Depowise actively contributes to increasing work efficiency and effectiveness.

Different dashboards for different purposes

Making data visualization easy through layers of operations, funds, and user roles is a fundamental design principle of Depowise.

Applied to all levels of fund management and oversight activities, the highest degree of Dashboard customization enables both FMCs and depositary banks to:

  • Streamline monitoring of in-progress and scheduled task records
  • Improve organization of task allocation by class and operator in charge
  • Plan and act timely through our full reconciliation calendar
  • Display notifications and violation alerts when user intervention is required

Role-based access to relevant information

Usually, different actors within an FMC or a depositary bank operate and monitor various business lines and processes.

The Fund Dashboard grants access to features and information based on the assigned role and responsibilities of a specific user. These user roles can be defined in a hierarchical way, or by task purpose. In both instances, the user sees only what is important, effectively distributing tasks and information based on each operator’s relevant role.

No technical expertise required

Data visualization might not be unique to Depowise, but proprietary solutions are often cumbersome to customize or update. Our Fund Dashboard, in addition to the role-based categorization of access, provides further potential for personalized visualization preferences once these rights have been defined.

In its simplicity lies another core strength. Customized settings are easy to implement thanks to a standardized and broad variety of options to choose from. No need for advanced technological expertise to set up and start operating.

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