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Due Diligence Platform

A functionality that keeps your checks in order

Depowise Due Diligence Questionnaire

Introducing Depowise’s Customer Relations’ Due Diligence Platform — your hassle-free solution for calculating risk scores and beyond. Leave manual calculations in the past and let Depowise handle it for you. Our advanced Due Diligence Platform streamlines the risk assessment process based on your customers’ responses to Due Diligence Questionnaires.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of Depositaries, Fund Administrators, and Management Companies, Depowise offers highly customizable features. You can easily set weights, prioritise what matters most to your organization, and establish personalised thresholds and limits. And the best part? The risk score calculation is completely automated and lightning-fast, providing instant results as soon as you receive your customers’ replies.

But that’s not all. Depowise goes above and beyond by providing intelligent reminders for upcoming due diligence assessments. Our system ensures you never miss a deadline, keeping you on top of your compliance obligations. Additionally, you can conveniently access the responses from your previous due diligence processes. Our user-friendly interface presents a comprehensive overview of the data, allowing you to review and analyze past responses effortlessly.

Stay ahead of your due diligence obligations with intelligent reminders and easy access to past responses, all in one comprehensive platform. All the valuable data collected from the Due Diligence Questionnaires will be conveniently accessible through the Customer Portal and other Depowise modules you utilise. With secure storage in our Data Warehouse module, you unlock endless possibilities for future smart automation. Additionally, our platform ensures a Secure Audit Trail, which is essential for both internal and regulatory purposes.

Automation has revolutionised the asset servicing industry, delivering a range of benefits that boost productivity, cut costs, and enhance overall work quality. Streamlining critical processes like due diligence checks through automation has become the norm in the financial sector. With Depowise’s industry expertise, adopting our advanced Due Diligence Questionnaire functionality is a seamless and painless move into an automated future of asset servicing business.

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