UCITS Supporting Modules

Depositary Dashboard

Bring all the crucial data into one view to have a better overview of the business and make more informed decision

Irregularities Management

Manage and report irregularities to the fund or directly to the regulator

Secure Audit Trail

Provide piece of mind to the investors and your organization ensuring everything is logged and can be produced to either internal or external auditor

Depowise Datahub

Be in charge of your data strategy. A central data warehouse that stores all your business-critical data, giving your enterprise full control and confidence through both quiet and volatile times.

Securities Master

Store and keep up to date all your reference data. Depowise gathers securities data from multiple sources with the option to prioritize information and add manual overrides as global or fund-based exceptions. This enables the depositary to optimize data requests and hence save money on fees applied by market data vendors

Fund Register

The entire list of all the funds with the ability to search and filter the results

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