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Workflow Management Tool

Lets you truly ride the automation train

Depowise Workflow

Depowise’s Workflow engine is your everyday super assistant that makes your work more structured than ever –  due to the automatic process description rules and data linkages to various sources.

A built-in workflow engine supports building dynamic processes and configuring every action on the way. It streamlines workflows and allows all stakeholders to work together, ensuring key decision-makers are aligned. The steps may include collecting documents, reviewing transactions, performing manual activities, and many more. Every action taken in the workflow will leave the evidence in the Secure Audit Trail.

An example of such a description is how capital calls are handled in Depowise’s Cash Flow Monitoring – automation matching the various transactions involved. You might also use workflows to take action based on Due Diligence Platform results or based on the results of any reconciliation process. In short, you can automate almost any otherwise tedious task that you have data for.

And there is more good news! Workflow creation here is easy and intuitive – it does not require you to hire a developer or an automation specialist. Of course, if needed, we will help you on every step of your journey! But you will be simply stunned by how much your employees will be able to do by themselves in the intuitive workflow creation software.

Depowise’s IT and financial industry expertise and easy-to-use interfaces enable you to skip the ground-up development. The Depowise’s products are packed with best practices accumulated from our long experience in the financial sector. Creating automated, yet precise workflows allows your business to save time, money and be more efficient.

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